florence night out

Florence Night Out is a one-night, annual arts festival and block party that celebrates the artists and businesses in the Florence neighborhood of Northampton, MA. I began work with the festival in 2014 as a co-curator and quickly recognized the potential to grow our audience and word-of-mouth about the festival through participating artists' networks. I redesigned FNO's website to a blog-based format that featured artist/performer profiles with brief text and vibrant images that easily transferred to Facebook posts. As the festival grew, so did the need for a sustained social media presence. In 2019, I began work as the marketing coordinator, establishing a content calendar and supervising a social media intern. Together, we developed a visual identity for the festival on Instagram and a copywriting voice with consistent style. In later years, with support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Audience Lab program, I led the development of targeted audience campaign and supervised a social media intern in the development of original, ongoing content. Though our efforts were stalled by pandemic cancellations, 2021 saw modest gains during our 3- and 5-month campaigns. Artist profiles and neighborhood content continue to elicit the most engagement and our team will continue to build on these successes in 2022.

arts programs & initiatives

My work as a the inaugural program director of two grant-funded initiatives at Hampshire College was multifaceted but marketing and outreach were core aspects of launching these new initiatives. The Design, Art, + Technology Program and The Creativity Center addressed design-savvy internal audiences (faculty and students) as well as external audiences (donors and prospective students), and I was lucky enough to have a versatile visual identity toolkits created by graphic designers that I could adapt for use in donor reports, promotional postcards, and blog posts. The opportunity to work under the guidance of designers provided a level-up for my skills in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and I became fluent in working with just about any CMS.